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Our Mission

At To the Rescue CPR, we empower you to be a hero! Our expert team teaches life-saving CPR skills with fun and easy classes. You’ll leave feeling ready to save lives and help others in a heartbeat. Your confidence will soar after learning with us!

Join us—be a lifesaver!

Our Team

Katherine Johnson


Samantha Coad

Independent Training Site Coordinator/Instructor

Kathy Scharven

Independent Instructor

Bryce Mabry

Independent Administrator/Instructor

Pet CPR & First Aid

Alyssa Smith

Independent Pet CPR Instructor

Affiliated Instructors

Willettia Simon

Many Gifts CPR

Jennifer Rodriguez

All Things CPR with Jen

Bianca Little

Hands Down CPR

Richard Dandridge

CSL Plasma

Where to Find Us

Our Office is Located at 214 N Ruby Ln, Fairview Heights, IL 62208

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Got questions? Want to schedule a time for us to come out to you and teach? Let’s talk! We’re here to help you become a lifesaving superhero. Contact us now!